M.D, Female, North London

1. What was the problem you needed to solve?
In the year I was planning my wedding my eczema inevitably worsened as a result of me having to juggle the non-stop work pressures, with family commitments and never-ending wedding related planning and decision-making. I couldn’t control my skin outbreaks in the normal way i.e. by avoiding the known allergens – food, alcohol, etc. and worrying about the deterioration of my skin added to the pressures on me and also added to my skin worsening. This was until a friend at work recommended Alpana’s homeopathy.

2. How did Alpana homeopathy solve your problem?
The result of the treatment was to treat my skin from ‘within’ in order to improve its external appearance and within 4-5 months I began seeing the improvements which are long-lasting.

3. How was Alpana’s homeopathy solution unique?
I love that the one-size fits all is nowhere to be found in Alpana’s ethos or approach. She spent time researching me and my specific case of eczema so that they treatment and remedies prescribed were personal to me. Which made them most effective. There were no generic remedies or quick fixes.

4. How would you summarise the experience as a whole?
The wonderful memories I have off celebrating my wedding also contain wonderful memories of Alpana working with me to ensure that my skin would not be something I had to be worried about on the day or beyond.

5. Would you recommend Alpana Homeopathy?
I would recommend Alpana for people who suffer any ailment and who are willing to work with a practitioner who will genuinely take the time to find your personal remedy. I found the experience to be personal, calming, therapeutic and totally successfully.

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