A. J, Female, South London

1. What was the problem you needed to solve?
I approached Alpana homeopathy because I was trying to reduce the inflammation in my ankle following an injury. During our first session her holistic questioning approach allowed her to identify underlying anxiety symptoms which were affecting my sleep and behaviour. She then also treated me for these issues for which I am very grateful!

2. How did Alpana homoepathy solve your problem?
The prescriptions Alpana gave me helped to reduce the inflammation in my ankle which greatly improved my ability to do important physio. She also helped with my anxiety symptoms, both with a homeopathy prescription and through guidance so I understood my body and why it was reacting in certain ways. This combination of support enabled me to make behavioural changes which improved my life.

3. How was Alpana homoepathy solution unique?
I am grateful for the support Alpana gave me and for the affect her homeopathy had on my ankle and general well-being. Her kind and calm nature helped me to open up in sessions which is a very important aspect of homeopathy.

4. How would you summarise the experience as a whole?
I found the experience to be beneficial, I turned to Alpana Homeopathy for help with a physical symptom and ended it with not only great improvement in my physical mobility but also a better it understanding of myself and relief from anxiety symptoms-something I never anticipated!

5. Would you recommend Alpana Homeopathy?
I would recommend Alpana Homeopathy to anyone trying to recover from physical illness or injury. Alpana Homeopathy can also help with more “internal” issues and symptoms such as anxiety, nightmares or outlook.

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