Indian Head Massage Fee

There are two options available for the massage;

1. Scalp, Neck and Shoulder and Face massage 45 minutes @ £45

Specific relaxation for muscles, providing immediate relief. Lymphatic system drainage allowing for toxins to disperse from tense, knotted muscles. The whole body is more relaxed and energised as there is an increase of oxygen to the tissues. Improvements are made with blood circulation and increase in oxygen to the brain. Indian head massage can also provide relief from hair disorders, such as hair loss, alopecia.  Increases alertness and concentration. Can help with eye strain, sinusitis, tension headache, insomnia, aching jaw, tinnitus.

2. Scalp, neck, shoulder massage 25 minutes @ £25

This excludes the face focusing on the scalp, neck and shoulder. This routine stimulates and improves the circulation of the lymphatic system, allowing toxins to be removed from the body.


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