Change of seasons


As the leaves change colour the acorns fall and the days become shorter. This time is a beautiful restructure in nature and we are also a part of it. With the coldness and the reduction in daylight we have to pay extra attention to our bodies needs.


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Seasonal Affective Disorder

For some people this time of year can highlight feelings of sadness, low mood and energy. Homeopathy can offer a range of help and support short and long term emotional issues. Also taking some Vitamin B with Folic acid can help boost mood (1). Vitamin D can also be taken to boost energy levels and mood. There is also a decrease of Vitamin D during the winter months, so taking an external adequate amount of Vitamin D may lift your mood and your energy levels (2).



Colds and Flu

This is a very common time to catch a cough, cold or flu. The contrast from the heat inside to the cold outside can attack our immune system and chest. Having herbal teas daily or weekly are a great way to keep your bodies natural defences high

  • Nettle Leaf with Red Raspberry Leaf, Alfalfa and Peppermint, make a powerful immune support combination.
  • Elderberry is well known for supporting the body, especially during flu. Elderberry also contains flavonoids, which have antioxidant properties and may help prevent damage to the body’s cells. (3)
  • Manuka Honey, lemon and ginger teas are great for killing bacteria reducing fevers and helping sinus pain.
  • Turmeric and honey combined is a lovely natural antibiotic, anti inflammatory. It will help to kill off bacterial and fight infection (4).


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