About Me

  • NVQ Pharmacy Technician
  • BSc Hons Homeopathy
  • Diploma Indian Head massage
  • Bach Flower Practitioner
  • Diploma Child Development

Whilst working as a pharmacy technician I travelled to India and had the an opportunity to work in a hospital that combined alternative treatments such as Homeopathy, Herbal and Ayurvedic medicine with conventional treatment. Amazed by the positive results, the trip inspired me to set up a practice combining all types of treatment.

My name is Alpana Vaidya. I have been practicing homeopathy for over 5 years and have over 13 years experience as a trained pharmacy technician. I am insured and registered with the Alliance of Homoeopaths and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Graduating from the Centre of Homeopathic Education, London, with a degree, I began working at Ainsworths Pharmacy, London’s oldest Homeopathic pharmacy. This involved working on the help-line dealing with acute prescribing and working in the pharmacy preparing remedies. At the same time I also continued to work in community pharmacy.

During my final year studying I became lead homeopath for a busy and demanding branch of The Organic Pharmacy. This role came with greater responsibilities and allowed to further increase my knowledge in chronic cases. I acquired extensive learning of herbal tinctures and creams, new homeopathic acute combinations and organ support. I gained a greater awareness of the toxins we are exposed to on a daily bases and ways to maintain optimum health inside and outside.

I have treated many cases of performance anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, female issues, infertility, childhood and adult eczema, and other skin conditions and childhood illness and behaviour issues.  and many acute conditions.

Over the summer festival season I volunteer with the Travelling Homeopaths and volunteer at Glastonbury and other festivals prescribing homeopathy in its purest form.

I believe that there is a place for all types of treatment focusing on patient centred care.

Hippocrates – “Natural forces within us are true healers of disease.”

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